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Best Patent in 2019 – Under Armour’s Smart Shoe

In 2019, Under Armour acquired a patent for ‘smart sneakers’. Recognising that foot fatigue, numbness and discomfort was a reality among many after exercising and training, Under Armour invented a ‘detector’ to insert in the shoe’s bottom to measure the wearer’s blood pressure and adjust the sole’s shape in accordance to the reading. The data […]

Best Patent in 2018 – Amazon’s Real-Time Accent Translator

In 2018, Amazon was awarded a patent for an audio system application to assist in translating the accent of the speaker to the accent of the listener. The technology seeks to remove possible communication barriers that may arise from different accents. The accent translation system associates the speaker’s accent with an accent stored in its […]

Best Patent in 2017 – IBM’s Futuristic Comfort Wear

In 2017, IBM acquired a patent for clothing that possesses the ability to adapt to the human body and its surroundings to create optimum comfort. The fabric comprises of a series of sensors which are linked into an in-built computing device. This device has the capabilities to analyse data, such as the heart rate of […]

Best Patent in 2016 – NASA’s Weather Predictor

In 2016, NASA was awarded a patent to predict tectonic activity and other catastrophic weather events. The device operates to warn against earthquakes and other natural disasters  by measuring incremental fluctuations in the magnetic field. Typically, the electromagnetic signals are extremely low in strength and frequency, making their detection almost impossible. However, this new invention […]

Best Patent in 2015 – Airbus’ 3D Printed Plane

In 2015, Airbus acquired a patent allowing them to construct aircrafts using 3D printing technology, potentially transforming flying and the way aircraft are built. The patent outlines that 3D printing could be utilised to create wings and a fuselage, among other things. This could inevitably reduce massive order backlogs, as well as produce parts far more […]

Best Patent in 2014 – Apple’s Self-Deploying Screen Protector

In 2014, Apple inventors, Stephen Lynch, Tyson Manullang, and Emergy Stanford, filed a patent for a self-deploying screen protector. The technology protects the iPhone’s screen by extending retractable tabs when the phone senses that it is being dropped. This creates a “buffer zone” between the ground and the screen, effectively shielding the screen from the […]