Jonathon Wolfe


Jonathon is a Director – Wrays Solutions, working with our clients on their business strategy and commercialisation of their IP. 

Jonathon has worked for nearly 25 years in industry as the CEO of start-up and fast growth businesses. In the last 5 years he has applied this experience and his general business expertise in a variety of consulting roles and a number of new ventures.

Jonathon works internationally and across Australia advising senior leadership teams on organisational transformation, focussing on developing innovation systems, proactively meeting market disruptions, the nurturing of leadership capacity and how to develop and engage a whole workforce in the transformation.

He has been responsible for developing the strategy and direction of many organisations, has built new organisations and turned around existing ones.

During Jonathon’s early career he ran an internet start-up, which required a strong sense of direction and strategic focus. Under Jonathon’s direction the organisation evolved a rapid and iterative approach to the strategic process which encompassed a lean based approach, developing ownership and a strong sense of identity for the employees of the organisation. In the times of rapid change the organisation grew and flourished with a very low turnover of staff and a strong reputation for the delivery of projects on time and on budget.

The business was successfully sold and returned a 6X return to its shareholders.

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