What is innovationCAFE?

Innovation is crucial to the success of every business. With continuous changes to government policies, legislation and an ever-changing economy, it is crucial, now more than ever, that Australian businesses have a plan for sustainable strategic business development and an innovative approach to staying ahead of the game.

If Australia is to be a sustainable innovation-led economy three interrelated pillars need to be aligned:

  • Productivity
  • Commercialisation
  • Innovation Culture

innovationCAFE is a two and a half hour event in each capital city that aims to explore the importance of  these pillars and their place in a prosperous future in Australia.

Discover our top eight reasons why to attend innovationCAFE here. 

What do you get for $99 per head?

You will:

  • Learn from practical industry leaders about the immediate challenges facing Australia;
  • Take part in a interactive conversation with those leaders;
  • Be given the opportunity to develop solutions to these challenges over breakfast and barista coffee;
  • Be given the opportunity to network with other like-minded professionals;
  • Be part of a discussion that will form the basis of a paper that will be submitted to Government.

Cost is $99* (includes breakfast and barista made coffee)

*Please note that all innovationCAFE speakers are unpaid and the cost is to help offset the catering and venue hire. 

The innovationCAFE methodology of collaboration

If we are to have an intelligent conversation, that conversation needs to be based on the Cafe LATTE principle – Listen, Ask, Trust, Timing and Evolve.

Listen – All successful firms consistently search for feedback from all shareholders and stakeholder both internal and external. It provides the opportunity for a company to identify opportunities for improvement and find solutions to the problems all parties face.

Ask – Feedback always helps, but you need to know the right questions to ask. By addressing negative and constructive feedback, problems become opportunities and often competitive advantages.

Trust – Gaining trust from your stakeholders is crucial to your business, however, it is a two-way street. You must value and appreciate feedback and advice whether positive or negative and in return provide feedback of your own on how or why the feedback was (or maybe wasn’t) utilised.

Timing – Timing is the main ingredient in innovation and policy development. Quite often, the price of innovation is educating the market at your expense, while your competitors leverage off your position. A first-mover advantage is crucial. The catch is not to overstep the knowledge base and capability of your market. Innovation should be in bite-size pieces.

Evolve – To create an innovative organisation, it is critical you create a culture of evolution and never rest on your last great product or service. This is difficult for most companies to accomplish but to do something better means you are innovative more than once. Successful companies look 10 years into the future to consider the ultimate product/ service life cycle and how they can evolve to meet their target market’s needs.

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