Johnson & Johnson Innovation



Johnson & Johnson Innovation seek to find the best science and technology, no matter where it is, to solve the greatest unmet needs of our time.  They catalyze, support, and invest in highly differentiated early-stage innovations that will turn into products that extend and improve lives everywhere.  At the same time, they seek to nurture the global innovation ecosystem to ensure its continued vibrancy.

Their Innovation Centers—located in Boston, California, London and Shanghai—are Johnson & Johnson Innovation regional hubs, created to access the best science and technology in the region, and also to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and scientists developing important medical device and diagnostic technologies, consumer healthcare products, and pharmaceuticals.

Through their Centers, the exchange of and support for new ideas occurs, which is critical to advancing important products. They have a fully integrated team of scientific and business experts and flexible deal-making capabilities to meet the needs of any company.  They bring a strong history of success in R&D, product development, and commercialization to each conversation.  They also know first hand how hard, but also how rewarding it is to advance transformative technologies.

Johnson & Johnson Innovation look forward to working with you, and together, improving healthcare and our innovation ecosystem around the world