Swanson Reed



Swanson Reed is a global Research and Development Tax Credit advisory firm.

Swanson Reed provides a full service review to self claimants seeking assurance and/or desire their claim to meet IRS standards. With approximately $500 million of R&D spend under management, they manage all facets of the R&D tax credit program.

With competitive fees, a team of experienced professionals and a conservative nature, Swanson Reed is a league apart from other accounting firms and R&D Tax Advisors. The experienced team treat client confidentiality and client tax risk very seriously. Of the assurances the team provides, Swanson Reed are certified to the ISO31000:2009 Risk Management standard and as a result all claims undergo a technical review involving a qualified engineer and tax agent followed by a thorough six eye review. The tax risk and general risk management policies and processes are independently reviewed each year.

With offices nationwide, Swanson Reed manages all facets of the R&D tax credit claim preparation process including:

  • review of eligible R&D activities to be included in the claim
  • assistance with the technical scoping of these projects
  • review of R&D substantiation documentation
  • review of eligible R&D expenditure for inclusion within R&D Tax Schedule and R&D Applications
  • review of the Application for Registration of R&D Activities
  • review of the R&D Tax Schedule
  • preparation of an opinion letter regarding to our position on your eligibility
  • advice relating to an IRS audit

Swanson Reed is the leader in R&D tax and provides a service that is distinctly different to anything close to the ‘Big 4′ or larger accounting firms.

For more information or to get in touch with the team at Swanson Reed head to the Swanson Reed website.