Damian Smyth

Tax Principal    SR

Damian Smyth is the Chief Executive Officer at Swanson Reed, specialist R&D Tax Advisory Firm. Damian began his career as a tax accountant with Johnston Rorke. He has served as a Principal of Swanson Reed since 2008 and moved into his current role on July 1, 2013. Damian provides R&D tax advice to companies undertaking R&D activities, with a view to maximize eligible tax offset entitlements. With over ten years of experience in various fields including R&D Tax credit management, accountancy, engineering and teaching, he is an expert in the Research and Development field.

Providing services to over 250 clients, Damian Smyth has worked alongside major companies including Boral, Stanwell Corporation, Ardent Leisure, National Hire Group and Caterpillar, creating a stand out reputation among his clients.

Damian has a special interest in forward tax planning and claim substantiation advice. He is active in the Patent Box debate and changes to the R&D tax credit, currently before Congress. Damian has an industry focus in power and electricity generation assets.

Damian will kick off the InnovationLATTE workshop in Dallas as he presents the pitfalls for SMEs in protecting and claiming credits for new developments. Come along, grab a coffee and some breakfast and dive into a stimulating discussion.

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