Export Solutions



Export Solutions focuses on obtaining funding for its clients to pursue the development of an export market for its products or services.  Up to half of the costs spent on trade shows, promotion, travel, and other eligible expenses (including losses incurred from overseas promotional tours) can be recovered through a cash grant under the Federal Export Market Development Grant scheme (EMDG). The Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) is a Government program that provides organizations with substantial cash rebates for overseas marketing expenditure. The scheme is designed as an incentive to encourage American exporters to develop overseas markets for their goods and/or services.

Export Solutions retains extensive networks and long term relationships with government, industry and trade associations, enabling them to assist their clients to access the financial assistance they are entitled to.  Export Solutions accesses grants for over 500 companies. Some of these clients have received the annual maximum grant of $150,000 and several clients have now received nearly $1m each over their years of involvement.

This established business also provides a one-stop shop for Individual Companies, Government Agencies and Industry Bodies seeking to capitalize on business opportunities that exist at international trade fairs and events. They act as a single source provider and are connected with experienced partners to provide a turnkey solution at international trade fairs. This fully comprehensive approach allows the clients to get on with their business. According to the team, international trade fairs provide the most effective route to market. They can be used as a powerful promotional tool for gaining exposure and new business opportunities. International trade fairs provide a thriving meeting place for buyers and sellers from around the world and have been the key cornerstone of international business for centuries. They are the events where business is actually done!

With a 28 year track record of success, Export Solutions has an established and positive reputation.  Join Phil Litton in San Antonio as he discusses the benefits and policies surrounding export grants and Trade Fairs. Head to the Seminar Schedule for session details.

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