Best Patent in 2010 – Dropbox’s Network Folder Synchronisation

Sharing and accessing files online among an unlimited number of computers is one of the hallmarks of Dropbox.  In August 2010, Dropbox co-founders and MIT Alumni, Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowski, filed a patent for network folder synchronisation. This patent details the process of how multiple clients can share and synchronise folders and their content […]

Smart Roads: Texas Merges Innovation & Research

Undeniably, a red light in in Thailand means the same thing as it does in Texas. A walk “man” that prompts us to pace across a street in Australia does the same in Austin. Certainly, we drive in landscapes that look fundamentally the same wherever we go. However, new research in Texas has ambitious plans […]

Texas Biomed Studying a Functional Cure for HIV

The 1st of December, while marking the start of coming together for the holiday season, also serves as a day for people worldwide to unite and commemorate people who have passed away due to HIV. This year, World AIDS Day highlighted the fact that 36.9 million people are living with HIV worldwide and 2.6 million […]

How Star Wars has Inspired R&D and Renewable Resources

From Star Wars themed toys, lunch boxes and t-shirts to Yoda costumes for your dog and Chewbacca stamps – one would almost think they were being force-fed Star Wars merchandise. Indeed, there is no shortage of products inspired the space odyssey film series, prompting the question, has research and development (R&D) capitalized on the movie […]

Texas Ranks Top 15 in the Most Innovative States in America

Innovation. The very word exudes optimism. It is a process that combines discovering an opportunity, blueprinting an idea to seize that prospect and executing that idea to achieve results. In light of this, Bloomberg has just released their report ranking the most innovative states in America. TheBloomberg US Innovation Index provides evidence of the link […]

Invitation to innovationLATTE 2016: Three pillars for a new America

I am pleased to invite you to join us for innovationLATTE 2016 that will focus on Three Pillars for a new America. If America is to be a sustainable, innovation-led economy, three interrelated pillars need to be aligned: Productivity Commercialization Innovation Culture Each session will be presented by leaders in their field and outline the issues, […]